Saturday, May 17, 2008

let's hope after all of this that it actually floats.

It was a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon here in Connecticut. So lovely, that we thought "Hey, it's really nice out. And look at how lovely and peaceful the river looks. Don't you wish we had a boat?"

So now we have a boat. Okay, not like the kind with a motor and everything, but we do now have a canoe. It was really easy to get. We went on the Internet... did some research (in the interest of full disclosure, we had done some research earlier as well) and found what we wanted to get: An Old Town Guide 158 or 160 model.

The first store we went to didn't have the one we wanted, so we ventured further down Rt. 44 in Canton (about 10 miles from home) and walked into Dick's Sporting Goods. Now, let me just say that I don't think it's the wisest plan for Dick's to house their canoes on the second floor, deep in a corner. We found the one we wanted and purchased it, all with in 20 minutes.

So far so good, right?

We even had the foresight to bring our rooftop car carrier combo (which really consists of some foam pads and some straps).

Well, here's where we almost got a divorce. After purchasing the canoe, the guys that work at Dick's encouraged us to "try to lift it" to make sure this was a good idea. Sure, we could lift it! (We could!) How hard could it really be to get it on our car?

As it turns out, it was, let's say, a little tricky.

After around 20 minutes of some, shall we say, strongly dictated directions, we managed to get it securely strapped to my car. I'm kind of glossing over the parts where there may have been some swearing, and some loudness and maybe some harsh words.

And while this little project took the majority of the afternoon, we should mention that neither of us have much canoe experience. I haven't been in one in about... um 20 years or so.

We have a week to master the canoe before we take it up to Lake Champlain (let's hope that our canoe doesn't look like a really big fish to the lake's resident monster - Champ) -- although we both have to work from Monday through Friday. So really, I guess that leaves just tomorrow afternoon.

But really, how hard can it be?


Kathy said...

Sometimes when my husband and I are in situations like that I try to imagine we are on The Amazing Race and that it's important to really work together and listen to each other in order to win the million dollars.

It doesn't work.

I usually end up kicking him in the shin.

sj said...

kathy - that's brilliant thinking. if there were $1 million in play, i'd be much more willing to crawl into an oil stain in order to afix the S-hooks to the underside of my car.

Anonymous said...

I remember my first time with a canoe.. we thought "How hard could this be" We got into it... it stayed afloat, we paddled.. we went in circles.. we paddled some more..went in more circles... after 20 mins we figured it out...
Have fun

Anonymous said...

All I can say is - what on earth do you want a canoe for? I am exhausted from picturing you two trying to carry the thing, I think I need a martini!

No lie, my word verication was SJ! Okay, maybe it is SJLGW which I makes me think SJ Likes Going With, or SJ Loves Golden Wings, or .... I don't know, see if you can come up with your own!

sj said...

oh, fun, molly! it's a game!

sj likes gals who .... drink martinis.

or sj loves good wine.

or sj loves going (to) work. okay that one doesn't work.

Srg said...

that is too funny! we must have been on the same brainwave that day because I was about ready to get a sea kayak on saturday. but we never had a chance to get to the store!