Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's lonely at the top when the top is actually still the same corner and not actually the top.

i got some good news on friday and much like KAT said, it's taken up my entire mental thought processes for the past four days, so i should share.

it seems my years of hard work at my company, trudging away during really long hours and doing crappy things that no one else wants to do has finally paid off.

i've been promoted, and in the interest of my anonymity, let me just say that my new position is Very Promising. except now my husband cannot make a joke without referring to me as Madame Very Promising.

so i headed home on friday, all happy and excited and stopped by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of champagne to celebrate. and the day was solidified as The Best Day Ever when i got carded.

and then we got KFC. that's right. original recipe and champagne. that's how i roll. (although, when the CEO asked me how i celebrated, my response was to say "my husband took me to dinner" - which i think counts because we didn't use the drive through.

but overall, it hasn't changed things too much, except we are perhaps looking at real estate listings a little more seriously than we would have a month ago.

and you know. i may have bought a pair of shoes. and they may have been converse all-star mary-janes. black leather. with an off-white toe.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I had two martinis at a work function tonight and now I feel like they can definitely be counted towards celebrating you, and your Very Promising promotion! And carded too - I'm jealous!!

Anonymous said...

SJ- Congrats.....all your faithful readers shall know how proud I am of my little sis!
YOU GO GIRL..now go get more shoes!

DarlingDes said...

Congrats on the promotion -- and the new shoes!! You girls really know how to celebrate!

Srg said...

That is awesome sj!! Congrats! So if you're seriously looking for real estate I hope you look north a bit and join KAT and I! Ya know, there are several homes up the street from us (where Hunters are Crossing...) that are for sale and as you know, that neighborhood is full of Very Promising people! But seriously, how cool would it be if we all lived in the same town?!