Monday, April 28, 2008

the weekend in review

the cable man came back on saturday morning -- at some point between 7 and 7:30 (god awful early!) and fixed our broken dvr. it was some really complicated explanation about some piece of wire being caught in some cable and grounding out - and forget it. i lost him after "wire". but now we have *way* too many channels including things like the encore mystery channel and the military history channel.

and molly! i discovered robin hood!

you will be happy to discover, however, that i did not spend hours in front of the tv this weekend. i did have it on while cooking on saturday, and again last night while baking. and it's true that i didn't see my husband from 5 p.m. on Saturday until around 10 when he had disappeared into our bedroom to "take a nap." moments later i heard the television on and i knew i wouldn't see him for a while.

we went to visit Charity and Mr. Charity and their precious little newborn (she's so darned cute!) on Sunday afternoon. KAT and i thought it'd be helpful to pack a few containers filled with homemade food too, because we've heard that new parents don't have all the time in the world.

we got to hold the little newborn girl -- although i should say that holding a newborn baby is pretty darn simple when all they do is sleep contentedly and make some really cute sniffing noises and coos. happily, we were out of there before that baby had a chance to projectile poop onto any of us or wake up and start emitting a siren-like yeowl, which i also hear they do.

we hung out for a few hours and had some great laughs -- some, i admit, at the poor little baby's expense. "this thing ruins all our plans.." and "who knew such a little thing could cause so much work!"

and of course, nothing says "summer's almost here" like a Dairy Queen run with KAT and the PH.

all in all, a lovely little weekend. and now j is en route to the dairy capital of the US for the next couple of days. i'm hoping bales won't mind sleeping downstairs since i'm not looking forward to lugging his 52-pound butt down the stairs at 6 a.m.

one more thing -- j's birthday is saturday and he's given me little to go on in terms of gift ideas. any suggestions?


DarlingDes said...

Love the "napping" comment! He probably just had the TV on for background noise, right? Like one of those noise machines, except with a moving picture as well.

Congrats for not giving in to the temptation, especially on a weekend!

sj said...

thanks, darlingdes!

i think nap was code for "i'm going to go watch the golf channel and 8 versions of ESPN."

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what to buy J as I have no idea what J would like, so I think Kat is the best one to answer that.

And hurrah for discovering Robin Hood. Isn't he just delicious? Couldn't you just pour a chocolate martini all over him and slurp it all up? Do I sound totally old and desperate???

But really, he is rather lovely and while I adore him, Bunny loves Guy, the ultimate baddie. You really have to keep watching now, it is addictive.