Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ooooh, new shoes!

On a typical weekday, I leave the house looking something like this:

(I know, you're jealous of our wonderful green kitchen floor, aren't you?)

But TODAY, today, I'm leaving for an "appointment" looking more like this:

(Kick ass black heels, a pedicure, not looking like a schlub... oh yeah!)

Any guesses about my "appointment"? I will update later...


sj said...

i spy interview shoes!

Srg said...

I'd need a side-shot of those shoes to get a good look at the heels, but i'd venture to guess it's an interview too!

But if they're like 4" heels, then I'd have to think of something else!

DarlingDes said...

Well wherever you are going at least your feet are looking good! Good luck!