Friday, March 21, 2008

Cause I’m religious like that…

Kat’s lil sis got some semi-bad news last week when she found out (***TOO MUCH INFORMATION ALERT***) her cervix is “on the small side of normal.” Apparently, according to Dr. Google, a small cervix carries an increased risk of second trimester miscarriage. (By the way, I should mention I have lil sis’ permission to post about this). (And I should mention I’m getting to the funny part really soon).

Anyway, at a loss to help in any other way, I told lil sis we would pray for her during grace at dinner that night. I didn’t say anything to the Pretend Husband, but I ended grace with “And please keep lil sis’ cervix from shrinking any further. Amen.” The PH said, “Amen,” blessed himself and then calmly said, “What’s that about?”

The next day, I emailed lil sis with the subject, “We prayed for your cervix!” and told her the story. She sent back a message that divine intervention must be working because she thought her cervix had stayed the same size. I sent back, “Don’t tell the PH, but tonight we’re praying for your vagina.”

I showed the PH the message (because I think I’m hysterically funny even if no one else does). That night, I ended grace with “And please bless lil sis’ pregnancy. Amen.” This time, the PH said, “Amen,” blessed himself and said, “I’m just glad you didn’t say anything about her vagina.”


KAT's lil sis said...

PH is such a good sport! My hubby almost couldn't eat his meal after I mentioned the word, "cervix" over lunch the other day. Not that that is a common mealtime topic these days (although from your blog, people would probably think so). Tell the PH that we are seriously considering him for the role of godfather for being so willing to pray for all my womanly parts! :)

Molly said...

Ooh we could start a prayer chain for Kat's lil sis's vadge! And cervix. And healthy baby! The power of prayer, and the understanding of men who love their wives, quirks and all! The PH sounds like a good bloke to me.

sj said...

firstly, congratulations, lil sis, on being a lil mommy-to-be! we'll all be thinking very positive thoughts your way.

and here's hoping your cervix doesn't stay so lil.

and how does it feel to have your cervix become so popular?