Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A rude awakening

In the cottage we lived in before we bought our house, the full size bed was shared by Molly, me and the Pretend Husband (just kidding, Dad. He had his own room waaaaay on the other side of the house. Maybe even in a different house altogether). Yes, it was tight, but it worked out well in the winter when we were more likely to wake up to a 42-degree cold front in our bedroom than a toasty warm feeling.

Just a few months ago, we upgraded our bed to a queen size to give us all a bit more room (you would not believe how much room a 15-pound Peekapoo can take up!) All seemed to be going well… until this week. The past two mornings, I’ve woken out of a deep sleep, rolled over to put my arm over the PH… and met up with a very furry being. Instead of the PH, I got Molly… stretched out in all her glory on the PH’s side of the bed.

At first, I thought maybe they switched places, so I checked the end of the bed and the floor next to it, but the PH was nowhere to be found. Turns out, he’s been sleeping in the guest room (on the full-size bed he complained about so often!) when our bed gets too crowded. Molly seems to have a habit of crawling up the bed over a number of hours until she’s right next to the PH, which is when she starts spreading out in all directions, sending him to the edge of the bed. Personally, I sleep through all this, but the PH is a light sleeper and gets to the point where he can’t take it anymore and he leaves.

Molly seems to be winning the battle of the bed for now. But I’m hoping the PH takes a stand soon– even with morning breath, I like his kisses better than Molly’s.

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Curtis Sports Imaging said...

yMolly is spoiled! Try shutting the door. After a while you can convince yourself that the scratching on the door is really waves crashing on the beach. He'll be asleep in no time.