Friday, July 20, 2007

how i spent my birthday celebration by sj

i started this post on friday, and it was going to be by "one day more" post talking about the momentous occassion of turning 30. but then i got caught up in my celebration.

so what's the difference between now, and say... friday? well for one, i'm not drinking at work. not that i was on friday, but i did begin drinking promptly at 6 p.m. on friday to toast with my friend jen who was also turning 30 on sat.

for two, i am a little slower on the recovery from a three-day long celebration. this also seems to have evolved over the course of the past five years. i don't leave my house to drink much anymore. (that's actually not exactly true - as we spend a good deal of time drinking at KAT's house nowadays, but you see my point.) we celebrated at midnight on friday/saturday with cake at a diner surrounded by some seriously sketchy people. but they may have thought the same of us, anyway. "wait jen- let me take a picture of you with the cake in your mouth."

i got in really, really late, and was promptly wakened at 7 a.m. by j, bearing a gift: a large, 759-page gift that was the last Harry Potter book. and of course i had to start wearing it. so then i met up with s and her husband whom i have nicknamed tall j and adorable child for lunch (i forgot how much fun i always have with s and tall j). then after lots of laughs and fun stories, it was time to let s head off to her all-male revue while i prepared for sat. night.

it was a mellow night out but as always - LOTS of laughs, and a few nice glasses of wine (a tradition i continued on Sunday). i didn't cry, even though the waitress totally thought i was 40 (thanks to j gesturing behind me -- she totally believed him because she guessed 35 and i nearly cried).

and sunday i celebrated with my family. and j's parents. so i had a few glasses of wine. not that those statements are at all related. i also took monday off as a recovery day. and by that i mean we went to the movies, slept in and did a whole lot of nothing.

all in all, it was a lovely weekend and it was just a gentle reminder to remember how very lucky i am to have such fantastic friends and family.

and i did manage during this time to read the entire book.


S said...

Umm..ya might want to clarify the all-male revue thing. It wasn't "MY" all male revue - we organized it for a friend of mine as part of her bachelorette celebration. that I've been to one, I really wouldn't mind having my own from time to time!!

sj said...

i confess, s, i left the door wide open on that one. i figured "all male revue" was enough of an attention getter.