Thursday, April 19, 2007

So instead we stare at the radio...

Pick a television show… any television show… and ask me about it. Five dollars says I get the answer wrong. As part of the moving process, the Pretend Husband and I have yet to order cable for our new house. And the cable we had before we moved was very limited. So while I was completely up-to-date on any show on Bravo, I had little knowledge about any MTV reality show or what HGTV even looks like these days.

The weird part about all this is, I don’t miss TV at all. I thought I would. I’m the type who puts it on as soon as she gets home from work and has it on for most of the evening in the background. I’ve also been known to arrive home from work brain dead and need the boob tube on to relax without thinking for a bit. Instead, I’ve been reading, working on craft projects, going for walks with Molly and getting our house cleaned and organized.

There are some television shows I know about even without wanting to. Did you know it is impossible to avoid American Idol? I don’t even like the show, but I know about the Sanjaya fiasco and I know he got booted off yesterday from my devotion to reading the news on the Internet. But I’m not sorry I missed seeing all his horrendous performances, or the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death or pretty much any sitcom other than “The Office.”

We’ve managed to get our fix of television between borrowing movies from the library and once-a-week trips to the Pretend In-laws’ to watch “The Office.” In fact, those have turned into mini pajama parties, where we show up in flannel pants, curl up on the sectional sofa under blankets and catch up during the commercials. I’m thinking of trying to keep the tradition alive even after we get cable just because it appeals to my love of ridiculous situations (It’s a pajama party! For adults! With my future in-laws! And did I mention we’re wearing pajamas? It doesn’t get much funnier than that).

So I guess we’ll get cable eventually (I suggested not ever getting it and the PH actually yelled at me so I can assure you nothing that radical will ever happen in our house). But I’m not in any rush. With our wedding fast approaching and eighty billion projects I have to complete before that happens, I don’t need the distraction anyway.

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