Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Help! I'm being attacked by a chocolate bunny!

So much for the diet!

We purposely didn't buy any Easter candy for each other this year, what with all the weddings to get in shape for. Plus the candy was expensive and we're always looking to save a buck.

But I didn't factor in PMS and a craving for chocolate that is so great, I'd consider running over small animals if it got me to the cabinet faster. Nor did I think about how that one, small bite would not be enough and I would be forced to eat more to satisfy the cravings.

And I forgot about the post-Easter sales, the ones where all the candy (the Peeps! and the peanut butter eggs! and the jelly beans!) get marked down by 50 percent, enough of a deal that the Pretend Husband and I were able to buy an entire shopping bag of candy (and milk to wash it down) for less than $10.

If you need me, I'll be gorging on chocolate over here in the corner, far, far away from the scale.


Molly said...

Yes, having children is a frightful thing at Easter because you eat all of their chocolate. Well, you have to really because you don't want them to eat too much and have their teeth go all rotten and fall out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

sj said...

i have a love. no. scratch that. immense desire for cadbury creme eggs. thankfully, to ward off said craving, j purchased mini cadbury creme eggs so that i would be able to satisfy myself over the course of 3 days instead of just eating them all in one sitting (too many cadbury creme eggs really can have an adverse affect on your tummy.)