Monday, March 26, 2007

Just like Thelma & Louise... if they had brought their husbands with them

We spent more than an hour in the car this weekend, driving to another state, to buy our wedding bands. I know, I know. Our state, though small, probably has plenty of places to get some of those round pieces of wedding bondage (um, that doesn’t sound right…) but we heard about this awesome jewelry store! With great prices! Holding a sale this weekend and this weekend only!
That, coupled with the opportunity to spend hours locked in a car with SJ and her husband J, and the chance to have lunch with college pal MP and her husband, MP (how confusing is that?), made for one great adventure.
We got my wedding band, it’s beautiful, it’s sparkly and it was an amazing deal. That’s enough about that because, while it was very exciting, it wasn’t half as fun as the car ride. Four adults, one confined space and about 12,000 jokes. We were all rolling on the floor with laughter (except for me, who kept her hands firmly at 10 and 2 while trying not to drive off the road or snort too loudly). For example, there was that one about… um, yeah, that was actually pretty racist and I’m kind of ashamed for laughing, so I won’t be sharing that one. OK, how about the one I said about Setback… well, that’s actually more of an inside joke so you probably wouldn’t find that one funny either.
We determined that we’re all pretty funny people, but, between the four of us, are about as quick-witted as one reasonably talented comedian. So we could put on a pretty good act, but it would take all four of us trading places on stage and timing it so the person with the best line was at the microphone when they thought of it. And the audience would have to spend a lot of time with us to know the background for all our inside jokes (or, at least, not be racially-sensitive).
Come to think of it, maybe we’d better just stick to yukking it up on our road trips.

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