Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I accept the challenge!

The quote o' the week from the Pretend Husband:
"I'm going to post on that [Funny Gals] one of these days just to show you how easy that writing thing is."

Yeah, as anyone who has ever written a blog... or anyone who has tried to come up with something witty to put in the comments... or anyone who has never commented because they don't think they're funny enough... will tell you, it's NOT that easy! I'm thinking the PH and SJ's husband, J, may have to do a guest post or two... and we'll let the audience choose the winner. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh brother- that means i can't post as anonymous anymore- because they will do that...great. SJ think of an identity for me..

Chris said...

I like competitions, I say go for it.

Maybe you should branch out if you aren't in the mood for being "funny gals" all the time... You could become "Sometimes funny but also profound and thought-provoking gals".

Or guys and gals, if you are increasing membership...

Let us know what you decide.

sj said...

anonymous, i think funny sis would be appropriate. or funny mom! that'd work.

chris, that is a brilliant plan. because you're right. we're not always funny (?! i know....) we are rarely profound and thought-provoking however.

we're more like funny and/or cranky gals with sometimes insightful things to say. and that's mostly kat. i'm mostly the cranky part.

and yes. i think opening our selves up to funny gals and guys (guys and gals?) would be appropriate.