Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Mollymoo is the best!

Unless you are colorblind, a first-time reader or really, really not observant (I told the Pretend Husband I was dying my hair when he called and he still didn’t notice the new look when he got home!), you have probably noticed that our blog looks completely different than it did last week. And our most faithful readers (Hi, Anonymous!) can see that it even looks different than it did yesterday.

We have one person to thank for our new outfit… Her name is Mollymoo and she is the pin-up girl living the fabulous life right over here. She has a cutie son named Ned and a life full of all sorts of fun and sometimes, weirdness (an “ex-wanker” has kept her quite busy lately) but still found the time to pep up our humble little blog. And she did it with kindness, only once mentioning how very boring she found our original look (but so did we, so no offense taken!)

The best part about our transformation, I think, is the fact that we have never met Mollymoo, except in the new age, Internet-driven society kind of way. We stumbled upon her blog somehow, found some posts worth commenting about and, because Mollymoo is such a fabulous pin-up girl, she returned the favor by visiting us. Well, our hints about needing a new blog and not knowing what we were doing did not fall upon deaf ears. Despite not feeling well and having a son to look after, she spent part of her weekend giving our blog new clothes and part of Monday night adhering to our every wish.

We want to thank you Mollymoo for being such a fabulous Internet friend. Thanks so much for everything. You are the best!


sj said...

thank you miss molly!

our new look is totally fab.

Welsherella said...

She is brilliant, isn't she?!

Molly said...

Oh you guys (gals!) are welcome, I enjoyed doing it and I am happy you like it. Even though I have never officially met you, I think it is totally you!

Have fun, and thanks for the kind words of praise that are too much but I'll take 'em anyway!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Molly! I was very excited to to see the new look!

Kristin said...

It does look great... I will keep her in mind when I need an update!

Molly said...

I'm up for it Kristen, any time :)