Friday, August 11, 2006

there's just nothing funny going on

sorry -- that's my excuse. i can try and recap though and maybe make my life seem more exciting and funny than it's been. but truthfully, i haven't been to any showers, witnessed any car accidents or anything that makes for juicy blogging.

but i did go to my gynecologist. (she says hi!) not so exciting, but it was pretty funny when i came in late that morning to work. the conversation i had with a guy i work with was kind of funny.

him: hey- how is everything? you were at the doctor?
me: um. okay?
him: did they do anything painful?
me: err... (Mental thought: does he realize what kind of doctor i went to see? i mean, that pap is a little tough to take...)
him: is it still bothering you?
me: OH! um. this wasn't for my neck.

it's really, really funny to watch a red-headed man blush.

but other than that little incident, the life of sj has been a little quiet, and a little boring outside of work. i should have some stuff next week when my husband braves the midwest for a fun and exciting trip to wisconsin.

stay tuned!

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KAT said...

Ah ha! My limerick did the trick and you wrote something (I'm threatening you with a homemade poem anytime I think it's been too long since you wrote!) Your poor coworker for even asking about your doctor's visit. Lesson learned, I suppose. (But it was still nice of him to ask-- those Pap smears can be painful!)