Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"everyone needs a mental health day"

generally speaking, these are not words that you want your boss to say to you.

the rain has made me, and probably everyone around our state, a little soggy. so when my boss asked me if i was feeling okay, and then suggested that i take friday off, saying "everyone needs a mental health day" it was enough to make me think - heh.

that's .. not so good. i mean. am i publicly losing my grip on my mental health?

or maybe i'm just getting a well-deserved nod for dedicating all of my time to work, and no time for blogging. whatever the reason, i'm psyched for an upcoming four day weekend.

we were discussing at lunch today the genius of both "the office" and "officespace." of course, having worked (and still am) in an environment so closely related to both, i can appreciate the true genius of these programs. like for instance, i work for a consultant now. at least i think. she's kind of inbetweenish, but she refers to me as her staff. which is, a little officespace like.

"so, what do you do here?"

"um, well i run these tps reports..."

it's all a little surreal, but what office is complete without a characture of michael scott (we have one -- he's bald, sticks his chest out often and sends condescending emails saying 'good job' and assigns the entire company tasks to do, although no one actually works for him)? or the crazy woman who has 10 cats and has kitty mugs and calendars all over her desk?

or the younger woman who wears skin tight outfits and has 8 inch nails and asks every one who comes in for an interview if they're nervous. which is usually fine, except that it's not a question an MBA with 15 years of management experience typically expects to hear.

there's also the jargonites -- those that latch on to the latest buzzwords and repeat them ad nauseam. there are some phrases and words that make me throwup in my mouth. one such word is "synergy."



Molly said...

I think I would take offence if my boss said that to me! What is he/she suggesting? Are they implying you have problems?!! I think that is one for the HR Department!

(although I could use a mental health day Monday through Thursday!)

KAT said...

My first reaction was, "Sweet, because SJ definitely deserves a day off." My second was, "Uh oh, I wonder if they want her out of the office so they can interview her replacement." But you work too hard for that company for them to fire you, so no worries. Enjoy the day!