Tuesday, July 18, 2006

She returns, from the very depths of too much ibuprofen and tylenol.

i'm broken.

i'm not sure what i did to myself to cause me to break. but i've broken. my neck has rebeled against my head. it's sick and tired of carrying it around. it's laid down the gauntlet and decided: "forget you. if you don't treat me right, you'll know my wrath."

so the upshot is, i've had a stiff neck for five days which has gotten progressively worse. so tomorrow i'm going to the doctor in hopes of getting stronger drugs so that i can once again lift my head to the heavens in order to roll my eyes and hope for divine inspiration or intervention -- depending on what i need at the time.

in other news, i met an author on Saturday. Ms. Smith was a joy to talk to and an effervescent kind of woman who makes you want to read her book because she so clearly loves what she does. I admit that it's not the usual kind of book that I read -- but what's usual for me anyhow? i'm an unusual kind of person anyway. I liked Kathryn Smith, and hope that I'll take her up on all of her links and such that she gave to me to encourage my own writing habit.

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stac said...

yuck - neck pain is the worst! hope the doctor was able to help you out in your quest for stronger meds.