Thursday, June 15, 2006

College finally pays off…

After weeks of having this at the back of my mind slowly driving me insane, I finally figured out how to link certain words in an entry to past entries (like this). I’m so proud of myself, I may give myself the rest of the day off from work to celebrate (or I’ll stay in my office, surfing the Internet, pretending to work… much like I’ve been doing all week).
Remember your high school guidance counselor convincing you to apply to the most prestigious (and expensive) college because “the name” was practically guaranteed to help you get a job? Having attended one of those (not in the Ivy League, but it’s on the Forbes list “Top 100 Richest Colleges In The World That Will Still Stalk You for Money After You Graduate” or something like that).
My point is, it wasn’t this institution of higher learning (where I took classes like, “Television” and “Ideas in Mathematics”) that helped me get a job… or even helped me learn to link entries ( like this). Actually, I’ll have to give credit to my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Guerrero, for this one. It was her guidance in helping me learn to read that led to my being able to understand Blogger’s instructions about how to link entries.
So it was actually a pretty easy thing to do (although all that HTML code is kind of intimidating who didn’t have an email address until she arrived at the aforementioned University of We Assume All Our Graduates Are Huge Successes And Will Seek Thousands of Dollars In Donations From You). Seeing as how I’m not a television-watching idea maker in the field of mathematics, I’d say someone owes me a tuition refund.

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stac said...

Speaking of kindergarten, I'm surprised SJ hasn't mentioned anything in here about Mrs. Elliot. Our beloved kindergarten teacher who I believe was responsible for getting us to play together!