Friday, May 05, 2006

Almost 30 and writing about poop...

I’m a mom. Not in the traditional sense where I have little ones who say witty things and resemble me in personality and looks. Nope, I’ve got a yappy little girl who– I hope– looks nothing like me. While she doesn’t say a lot of witty things, my little one can still be counted on to get herself into some very cute situations.
Molly, she who is fearless of water, forded a brook yesterday in a local park. Having the brilliant idea to get her to walk across the brook, Chris and I tried to set an example by stepping into the freezing cold water first. Molly looked as though she was ready to try it… until she put one paw in and discovered how cold it was. Then she just looked at us as though we were crazy (riiiight… WE’RE the crazy ones. At least we’re sane enough not to step in our own poop after dropping it on the lawn. Oops, I don’t mean we poop on the lawn. But wherever we do poop, we’re careful not to step in it. Oh, never mind.) It wasn’t until a bigger dog came along that Molly gave it a try. Apparently, obeying her parents doesn’t rank as high on her list of priorities as developing a crush on a strange dog and following him across raging waters.
What followed involved lots of sand, dirt and mud sticking to the wet Peekapoo hair. As I got into the car to go home, I looked through the windshield to find the Pretend Husband standing quietly with Molly sniffing around at the end of the leash. Two second later, he shouted, “Molly!” as she took off across the grass toward a pit bull. I watched his shoes fly up into the air as he chased her, trying to step on the end of the leash dragging behind our surprisingly quick puppy. To give credit where it’s due, he only caught her because she decided to double back toward the car and not because he’s quicker than her.
That was enough excitement for the day. The PH elected that I should be the one to cuddle the wet dog on the way home (seeing as I was wearing white work clothes and he had on scruffy shorts and all…) Curled in a shirt on my lap, Molly decided to give us a break and promptly went to sleep. “What a cutie,” I thought. Which was quickly followed by, “She’s just saving her energy to torture me later.”

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sj said...

good for molly fording a brook and going after pit bulls. i know at points in my life (clearly, previous times in my life) I have personally found myself attracted to the wrong men, so I completely understand her.

that's right. i relate to your pekeapoo.