Tuesday, March 14, 2006

unfunny times call for desperate measures

so I went to the wake on Sunday, and it was so, so sad. but thankfully, there were some exceedingly funny people behind me whose oddball humor that ordinarily might have had a mixed audience, found a fan in me.

the line was so long, which I think is expected when someone too young and so loved dies. but, after waiting for over two hours, the woman behind me piped up:
“so when do we get on space mountain?”

it felt good to laugh. and I know that laughing at wakes and funerals is generally frowned up, but, I think somehow he would have appreciated such a comment.

it got me thinking of inappropriate times to laugh – much like the infamous chuckles the clown episode of mary tyler moore. so here’s my list of times when you probably shouldn’t crack a joke, in theory, but in practice, it brings welcome relief:

1. during your employee review with your boss
2. when you’re being told of downsizing
3. while exchanging vows (a sample of this, from my own experience: “I will..i mean, yes.. I mean, I do.”)
4. during an IRS audit
5. when you’re best friend gets a pekeapoo and it projectile vomits all down the front of her – oh, no wait – that’s funny no matter how you look at it.


KAT said...

Ha ha... it's not so funny when you're the one with the warm puke down your front! It's one of those moments that you know at the time will be funny in the future, but you just can't bring yourself to laugh until after you're done showering the vomit off.

PuceMole said...
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PuceMole said...

6. The third time a seagull craps on your girlfriend's head. The first two times it's appropriate, but the third time ... not so much. Unless a Disney World employee is egging you on.