Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Girls just wanna have fun… and food right in front of them, and milked down martinis and a smaller, comfortable crowd….

on Friday night, I had a long-awaited girls night, where I learned these lessons:
girls do not eat. unless it’s right in front of them.
people who refer to themselves in conversation amongst friends as Christians, generally speaking, prefer weakened martinis.
it’s more fun in groups of five or six.
digital catchphrase is more fun when other people are drunk too. not just you.
I really miss spending time with a few of these gals.

So far, I’ve held a few small soirees at our house, and my normal set up is to have food in the dining room, buffet style, and entertain in the living room. it’s usually worked fine. except this time, I had mountains of food, and there was very little traffic into the
food room. there were still mountains of food at 9:30. the mountains dwindled by 11, but there were still some hefty leftovers. (thank goodness there was a blizzard on Sunday.)

they eventually congregated, and ate, but sheesh. I never would have labeled my girlfriends as dainty eaters. what do I know, apparently?

it was an interesting mix. there were a handful of whom I would refer to as my close friends: joy, KAT and stac. and then there were those that I really see like once a year. and then there were those that I see once every two or three years, but feel bad for them, and want to include them. and they bring their friends, whom I haven’t seen in 10 years.

but all in all, I think it went well. the diehards stayed until 1:30 or so and despite my protests, helped me clean up the food. there were a few cathartic laughs, and it was a chance for a lot of women to get reacquainted with each other.

it was probably more delicate than most of my girl nights. I was concerned we were off to a rough start when two women complained that my martinis were too strong (*really?! do you not know me at all?!*), but at the end of the night, chocolate was eaten, laughs were loud and three of us killed a huge bottle of yellow tail.


KAT said...

For the record, I ate... a lot! I think I actually started the stampede into the dining room for desserts and while everyone else was all classy about taking only one or two, I sampled all but one! I couldn't drink because I was on medication that night (and those who know me know how I learned not to mix booze and meds) but you *know* I would have been drinking with you if I could have, SJ. And there's no way I would have complained about drinks that were too strong-- there's no such thing in my book!

stac said...

I liked the "unweakened" version of that martini! Guess I'm not really a Christian, eh? And I ate quite a bit too! I had a great time and it was really nice seeing people that I haven't seen in years.