Monday, January 16, 2006

weekend warriors

Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have such weekend adventures, so I thought I’d share. Friday night was a late night cards night, which worked to our advantage: the flaming v’s won three games out of four. The overall score is 31 to 17.

Saturday morning was a leisurely one. Bales slept until 10 a.m. Just a few months ago, our puppy was up and ready to start the day – weekend or weekday at 6:30. Now, he’s become accustomed to our bad influence. To be fair, we weren’t sleeping the entire time. We laid there talking about how we should get up, and Bales laid there between us, head resting on the pillow, licking our faces when we ask him if he wants to get up yet – we took that to mean: “No, thanks. I’m content to continue in this leisurely manner of stretching out on your pillowtop queensized mattress and resting my head on your pillow.”

By the time we were ready to get up, we got a call from KAT and the PH to see if we were up for a double date breakfast. So thus began our exciting adventures.
J had promised me two things if I was willing to drive all the way up to Cracker Barrel: puppies and unfinished furniture.

So off we went to find a buffet for the kitchen, and then to look at puppies.

The best quote of the day came from KAT when we were waiting at a light near a freight liner sales lot. You know – the big 18-wheeler rigs as seen in the movies Convoy and Maximum Overdrive.

“Wow. That truck’s only $30,000? What a bargain!”

The next few minutes were filled with comments about KAT driving around the neighborhood in her big-rig, and the solid investment it would be in a truck-driving career. You could totally freelance, driving… well, things… all over New England and even the entire country.

Also, let me just say one more thing about my weekend: my parents seem to have an uncanny ability to stop by for an unannounced visit in such a manner that would preclude another grandchild.


KAT said...

I know! I was surprised to learn what a good deal those semis are too. My earning potential will skyrocket when I get myself one of those sweet rides. Oh sure, you laugh at me now, but you'll change your tune when you need help moving!

Anonymous said...

ahh, I had a dream when i was a kid about being a truck driver. Think of all the states you could see, drive thru, think of the things you would see on the road. And those things are pretty nice inside these days, nice bed, TV, DVD player, frig......
Now your DAD would LOVE it if you got one of those- think of all the 'canon' he could fit in it

stac said...

sj, you crack me up! You're the person I know who could talk about lazy dogs, big rigs, and parent's interrupting you-know-what in one post!