Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things that boggle my mind

– How teenage girls get out of the house in some of the outfits they wear. My mom would have killed me before letting me go to school in a cropped, low cut shirt, a short skirt and hooker boots.
– People who don’t wear seatbelts. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself that extra chance in an accident?
– Why anyone cares who or what Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith or Angelina Jolie are doing.
– Those who spend their entire lives in one place. It’s one thing to spend a lifetime living in the same town, but another thing entirely if you don’t take the time to go out and explore this huge, wonderful world we live in.
– Paying $800 for car maintenance. It’s worth it to keep my vehicle going, but you’d think some of the $20,000 you dropped to buy the vehicle could be used to make parts that last for the life of the car.
– The lines that form at supermarkets every time snow is predicted. We live in New England and go through the same weather every winter. When was the last time you were stranded for more than a day? Do you really not have a one-day supply of food on hand?!?

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