Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Remaining resolute

Ahh, the new year… a time to get those resolutions in order, make life changes and get a fresh start. I’ve thought about what I want to change for 2006 and I’m happy to say I haven’t come up with much. I’m pretty happy about how 2005 went so I think I will resolve to do more of what made it such a good year.
- I resolve to continue card nights, country line dance outings, drinks after soccer games, trips to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, more card nights, dinners out, girls nights and, of course, card nights. I’m lucky to have the friends I do and if I have to resolve anything concerning them, it’s to tell them how I feel more often.
- I resolve to keep things in perspective. I almost missed out on the best thing to happen to me in 2005 because of a silly issue. Luckily, the voice of reason (otherwise known as “Dad”) spoke up, saying, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re being pretty shallow.” Thanks to Dad and some wise words from friends, the pretend husband has become the very real boyfriend. I haven’t stopped smiling…
- I resolve to spend my free time being free. I spent most of my weekends this summer at my family’s cottage; it was quiet, sometimes solitary, mostly beautiful and always a good way to unwind. It was nice to keep the hectic pace to the weekdays and spend my weekends relaxing.
- Like the majority of the country, I resolve to stay healthy and lose a couple of pounds. But I refuse to drive myself crazy about it. Last year, I ate pretty well and exercised fairly regularly. But I also didn’t feel like I had to turn down trips for ice cream with friends, happy hour invitations or the occasional fried clam dinner. I’m resolving to be happy with who I am.
- I resolve to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Because SJ is planning to cut back, I think someone needs to pick up the slack. This ties in with the above resolution and although I don’t plan on adding more junk food to my diet, there’s nothing that says starting the day with a cookie (or ice cream) will kill me. And it makes me happy.
- I resolve to take chances. I completed some classes last year and fulfilled my dream to be on the radio. It took hard work and some sacrifices, but I’ve never regretted a moment of it. I will keep this lesson in mind as I face some new choices this year.
Whatever you resolve to do- or not do- this year, have fun with it. It’s a lot easier to stick to a plan you enjoy. Leave some time for solitude (I’ll give you directions to the cottage if you want…), take some risks... and think of me when opting for the Oreos over oatmeal!


PuceMole said...

Congratulations on the very real boyfriend. Most excellent choice!

Side note 1: am I the only one to find it amusing that the "voice of reason" is also the guy who has a cannon in his front yard?

Side note 2: my resolution is discover my secret power. I think it's invisibility, but I'm not sure. I only notice it when it's dark or I'm at a bar.

KAT said...

Oooh, good resolution, pucemole. I think my secret superpower is the ability to fly, but it seems to only happen when I'm asleep. Plus, I'm not a very good driver even in a car so you can imagine how I do in the air!