Tuesday, January 31, 2006

oops. *crack*. boom.

I was all set to write my next entry about how I cooked for my parents on Friday when this morning’s course of events changed my mind. I had an accident.

in the parking garage. with my car (just in case you were thinking I had suffered from incontinence). it was a momentary lapse of judgement that makes you ask: how much is a squirrel’s life worth? more than the cost of a $40 side mirror?

my parking garage is strange and curvy and an obstacle course every morning. but I have the curves down pat and I can navigate carefully through the concrete pillars and the expensive cars parked haphazardly without qualms. but this morning, as I was navigating through the pillars, a squirrel distracted me by running in my path. I swerved to the right. right. into. the pillar. only I was still moving, so my car suffered no dents, but my side mirror was lost to the cause.

it does not pay to be early, I’ve decided. so now I’m left with half a mirror. my plan is to try and fix it with some duct tape until I can get it into the shop, hopefully on Friday.

here’s to February being a bit brighter.


KAT said...

What was a squirrel doing in a parking garage? We leave them alone in their trees and I think they should have the courtesy to do the same for us in our ugly, concrete structures! Sorry to hear about your accident... but at least the squirrel isn't claiming whiplash to get a day off work and have your insurance company pay up!

stac said...

That's a bummer! Stinking squirrel was probably laughing at you afterwards (wasn't that one of the Gieco ads?) If you bring it to Crowley, try to get Chris to give you a discount or something. And if you do see him, tell him I said Hi!

Anonymous said...

I am glad your damage was only to your car mirror however it does sound just like that Gieco ad.
They think they are quicker then us..yet if they ever rode around in a car- they would see- many of thier brothers and sisters never fair well in the 'frogger' game they play.