Friday, January 20, 2006

Letting loose...

If you’ll allow me to be a little girly– and definitely catty– for this post, I promise to go back to my mature and serene ways in future entries. Here’s the deal… before we began dating, the PH had a crush on a friend of his, with whom he spent a lot of time and with whom nothing ever developed.
Said friend (who I will “Candi” mainly out of spite and because it’s a name I can’t take seriously– kind of like this girl!) has become quite distraught upon hearing about various aspects of our relationship through other people. She has sent the PH emails and left phone messages telling him she is concerned about how fast our relationship is developing and sharing her worries about the situation.
Her first email after she heard about us dating stated, “I hope that she is not one of those girls, and we can still be friends and even hang out from time to time.” For the record, I am NOT one of “those girls” and never have been. I have told the PH for as long as we’ve been together that he is welcome to hang out with Candi or even with me and Candi along with a group of people. He said he doesn’t have a lot of free time as it is and what little time he does have, he prefers to spend it with me (now, THAT was the right answer!)
Well, Candi upped the ante with an email that implied I’m going to put the PH “in 24/7 lockdown” and they will not be allowed to talk anymore. I don’t know what 24/7 lockdown is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not what someone in a mature, loving relationship tries to do to the other person.
Keep in mind that Candi has never met me. I know that some of you have never met me either, but I’m sure SJ is willing to back me up that I am not some psycho with a crazy hold over the PH who is out to ruin his friendships so he’ll be forced to focus all his time and attention on me. It’s just not my style.
I would say that Candi continues to insinuate that I’m a mean witch, but I’m not sure she would know the meaning of “insinuate” since she emailed the PH that she doesn’t want to “loose” him as a friend. (I told you this was going to be catty! As someone who makes her living writing and editing, I’m more offended by her grammatical mistakes than I am by her attitude!)
Anyway, I’ve decided to spend my energy laughing about the pure silliness of this situation rather than being bothered by the inane ramblings of some 19-year-old who doesn’t know how to get over losing the attentions of a guy she wasn’t interested in in the first place. Oh, and a little energy writing about it so you can laugh too.

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