Thursday, December 29, 2005

resolve. so much more than a carpet cleaner.

KAT is currently on hiatus, but will be returning from the Berkshires well-rested and happy and full of funny stuff tomorrow. in the meantime, I was prompted by pucemole and cnn to go forward with a new year’s themed entry.

generally speaking, I’m not a fan of the new year’s resolution. i know I’ll let myself down at some point. I can’t even tell you how many journals I’ve started, only to quit by march. and when I find them, and reread them, I’m disappointed in myself all over again for giving up – because by the last entry I’m hooked- and I have to know what happens….

okay, I’m kidding.
kind of.

when I was little, I used to write a fake diary, and it gave me such a thrill to plant it under my mattress or my bed, knowing my mom would find it and read it. I used to do the same thing with notes – I’d write fake ones from other people and put in all kinds of strange little details that I know would confuse my mom. I may have said I was going blind in one. is that mean?

part of me feels bad for doing it. but only part of me. because, really she shouldn’t have been snooping. would you snoop on your kids? maybe I’ll feel completely bad about it in 10 years.

so i guess i resolve to:
-keep a journal (if more for the record of how many times can i resolve to keep a journal and fail)
-continue one of 4 books i started this year and write at least 20K more words
-keep in better contact with my friends.
-avoid eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.


KAT said...

What's with giving up chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? I'd give up body parts before resolving to never eat ice cream as my first meal of the day! I'm in the Berkshires relaxing, but am not so relaxed that I can't step in when you make irrational resolutions like that! Apparently, my return cannot come too soon!

stac said...

Great - you've reminded me how bad I am at keeping a journal too.