Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the turkey trials

today’s high: knowing that there’s only one day left before a four day weekend.

I’m starting to slowly creep into the holiday spirit. I missed fall. I spent too much time raking leaves and cleaning in general to pay attention to the changing seasons. there’s probably something ironic about that, but I’m too tired to think about it.

Thanksgiving approaches FAST and I have two pies to make. Who’s brilliant idea was it to arrange a class reunion AFTER thanksgiving? When we’re all so stuffed that we can barely button our pants? I want to go into the reunion with a placard that says something to the effect of: “this outfit looked awesome on me on Wednesday, before the three turkey dinners I’ve had to sit through.”

So KAT and I are still deliberating our much ballyhooed reunions that are coming up this week – hers is on Wed before turkey consumption (kids from Burlington ARE smarter than kids from Bristol – the Mastery tests don’t lie!). I checked out the outfit, and she got my approval, providing she wears appropriate footwear (we’ve had this talk….). of course she wants to put her best foot forward (and of course it should be in a kitten heel or pointy toed svelte boot), so she’s done her shopping. I, however, have delayed the inevitable.

In high school, my fashion sense was steered by me and me alone. I was not trendy. I wore bright red tights. I owned at least 10 baby doll dresses (let’s recall that this was the 90s). I had super short pixie hair. I had my own style. And really, always have. So now comes the dilemma: what on earth do I wear?

Right now, my outfit in my head doesn’t correspond to everything in my closet. in other words, I’m going to have to do some shopping. And while I hate the idea of having a special “reunion outfit,” I’m also absolutely gung-ho on showing up in style. It’s just a matter of what style. April Cornell sheer peasant skirt and denim jacket? Jeans and velvet blazer?

The fact that our reunion is going to be more like a raging kegger than a chic soiree is also making the clothing decision tougher than it should. I didn’t go to such events in high school OR college, so I have no frame of reference. My friends – and I mentioned this last night at the reunion committee meeting – drink wine or gin and tonics. They don’t play beer pong.

So does that make me a snob or a nerd?

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stac said...

Well I'm hoping this reunion doesn't turn into the classic keg party. Those get boring pretty quick. And I had picked out a nice pair of black slacks and a blouse. I didn't really think of picking an alternate outfit in cause it turned into a kegger. Ack! Now I don't know what to do!