Friday, October 14, 2005

i'm all over the randomness today

mostly because it's friday, and fridays are for fun!

just some random funny thoughts to counteract our seriousness in the last few posts:

my class of 95 Bristol Eastern High School reunion is coming up soon, providing of course, it's planned. I haven't been invited, which could be a telling sign that I wasn't nearly as well-liked as I thought I was.

I had a dream last night that I was on a crowded airplane sitting with my parents. My husband wasn't with me, as he was on another plane going to Vegas, but on it with me were four of my ex-boyfriends. I learned that my parents really liked one and hated the rest. And they were also trying to convince me that I should be wearing more makeup and needed to have a baby. And they were like 10 years older than they are now. totally odd.

also, if it rains any more, i'm hoping that the norwalk river will rise and reclaim the banks -- which would include my building. how much flooding do you think our office building would need to sustain in order to close?

my rabbit - who should be named Humper - thinks I am the devil. i walked into his room twice today -and each time, he reacted by levitating, much to the dismay of my dog, who thought for sure he was being mocked and teased.

and lastly, i'm in the Connecticut Rennaissance Faire this weekend. let's not all laugh at me at once.


KAT said...

and i forgot to add- for lunch i had chicken in garlic sauce with bowtie pasta and carrots. don't be fooled - i didn't cook it so much as i did microwave it.


Ronnie Francis said...

As a member of the hated ex-boyfriend club I can attest to how tough things were, but as a star hockey player for America's Team... when you're on the road as much as I was... maintaining a serious relationship was too much to bear. I had to worry about Ulf, Sid, Kev, and Beeker first... they were my family.