Friday, September 30, 2005

Clearly, I'm already IN the circus.

I recently overheard the head cheese at our office chatting in the hallway saying that his management style was just to walk around the office –it gives him a good idea as to the state of things around the office better than silly reports with numbers and data. He can learn more at the coffee maker than with any report, he says. Which is really funny – because I sit right by the coffee maker and I know that nobody spends any time at the coffee maker, and the mundane conversations that actually happen are usually about golf swings.

So it makes me wonder. is there some secret coffee maker that I don’t know about? is he confusing this for his coffee maker at home? if so, what on earth are my coworkers doing at his house?!

My typical routine, after I drive two hours into the office, is to stumble blindly over to the coffee maker, “pour myself a cup of ambition,” and stumble the rest of the six feet into my office, whereupon I trudge through the handful of emails that came in this morning.

But my days are brightened and punctuated with colorful characters that I've always been blessed to have at whatever job I've been at.

There's been stalker photographers, crazy cohorts and people nicknamed "Lurch," and from time to time, I find the funniest people in the world --- like our mutual friend Zam. Hys-freakin'-sterical that guy.

And then there was my boss who was... um... a little person, who wore, on the day I met her for the first time, an M&M costume. You don't see that everyday. I thought it was some kind of an elaborate employee screening at first.

So after some thought, I really don't need to join the circus. And after KAT's post, clearly I'm among the clowns.

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KAT said...

You didn't mention the "head cheese" walking into your office while you were finishing up for the day, saying, "Oh, there's no one here" and walking out again. You must feel like a very valued member of that company! -KAT